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The Hi Fi Ninja started as a project with husband and wife Shana and Ronnie McCoy back in 2004. Writing and recording music with a 4 track and a drum machine.  The couple would write and record then have their friend Brian Draffen transfer the cassette recordings over to audio files and hand out the songs to friends.

Around 2006 Ronnie and Shana decided to make the project a real band and recruited Brian as drummer but due to schedule conflicts he was unable to continue on only after a few practices.

Ronnie contacted Jerry Davis, long time friend and former bandmate to ask if he had a distortion pedal that he may want to sell.  Jerry asked Ronnie who he was playing with and after explaining the situation of the now drummerless Hi Fi Ninja, Jerry offered his talents to the band.

The band's first studio album utilized a few songs from the 4 track days along with a few the band had written all together as a 3 piece and was released in 2008. 

After the band's second release "Ghost Sounds" Jerry left the band and was replaced with long time Paducah musician Kyle Childers

After about a year the band parted ways with Kyle and Jerry returned to the lineup.

2015 saw the release of Take It To The Grave the band's first journey as a 4 piece with the addition of Jon Grace. This album received positive reviews from This Noise Is Ours, Razorcake and many others.

Jon ventured out to Louisville KY and the Hi Fi Ninja decided to continue on as a 3 piece immediately working on their next album Call It A Day released in 2016 to positive reviews

In 2017 the band celebrated their 10th year together with both Kyle and Jon joining them on stage for a few songs at the place they call their  home venue,  Paducah Beer Werks. Along with this milestone they also signed on with Snubbed Records and will see their first release on the label in 2018

Ronnie McCoy: guitar/vocals

Jerry Davis: drums/backing vocals

Shana McCoy: bass