ninety six ghosts

Baltimore MD

Andrew kujan - Vocals

brian goodman - guitar

Dave hagan - bass

ryan baity - drums


Do you miss punk rock the way it used to be - a tight-knit scene, bands supporting rather than competing with one another, the DIY ethic, music played fast and loud because you love it that way; not because it's what's popular?
So did we.

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Out Now! released in may 2018

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Know the Pattern

latest ep from 96 ghosts, on snubbed records

“Know the Pattern” is the latest release from Baltimore punk band Ninety Six Ghosts. This five track EP is full of energy, catchy riffs, and intense vocals. Their unique refreshing brand of punk is realized once Andrew’s vocals come crashing in during the first track “The War to End All Wars.” This is a heavy hitter and a must add to your punk collection. It’s available now on vinyl and includes a digital download.

Music video for “City State” by ninety six ghosts